ID Video Title Artist Songtitle Category
1 Haddaway What is love? Musicvideos
2 Tuturuuuuuu Mayurii John Cena Theme ~ Tuturuuuuu Anime
3 Viktor Tsoi Pachka sigaret Musicvideos
4 Michael Jackson Jukebox Michael Jackson Musicvideos
5 Hatsune Miku Levan Polkka Anime
6 McManiaCs favorite Monstaz. Popcorn Funk Anime
7 Morrorwind Bee Gees Stayin Alive Gaming
8 Das mit der Straßenbahn Sabaton Primo Victoria Musicvideos
9 Boney M Rasputin (APPLE JUICE Remix 2011) Russia
10 Take That Kidz Anime
11 Asian People bawww Funny
12 MICRO CHIP LEAGUE (MCL) NEW YORK (7'' Version) Musicvideos
13 Scotch Disco Band Musicvideos
14 Junior Jack Stupidisco Musicvideos
15 Lera Lynn The Only Thing Worth Fighting For Film & Animation
16 The Shoes Time to Dance Musicvideos
17 Gorillaz Feel Good Inc. Musicvideos
19 SPT Shits Fucked Musicvideos
20 Los del Rio Macarena Gaming
21 Panjabi MC Amada († CΛIN † Refix) Anime
22 C64 Orchestra Monty On The Run Otomad
23 College & Electric Youth A Real Hero Asians
25 The Lonely Island feat. Justin Timberlake Motherlover Musicvideos
26 Отава Ё Сумецкая (русские частушки под драку) Russia
27 Katy Perry feat. Kanye West E.T. Anime
29 UtataP feat. MAYU "I Fall...and Stay Down" 七転び八起きない Anime
30 Twilight Guardians La Isla Bonita Anime
32 HYUNA Red Asians
35 Nominal Everyday Anyone Asians
36 Red Velvet Dumb Dumb Asians
37 Время и Стекло Имя 505 Musicvideos
38 The Real Sugar BABY Anime
39 Cerror Dragostea din tei (remix) Otomad
40 Walking on Sunshine Katrina & The Waves Walking On Sunshine Drugs
41 TJR feat. Benji Madden Come Back Down Asians
43 Filthy Frank Everytime I hit the Bong Drugs
44 Abu Yaseer Salil Sawarim (Clashing of Swords) Funny
45 Dead Or Alive You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) Russia
46 Living In Light LGHT YRS Musicvideos
47 SPT Shit's Fucked Anime
48 30H13 My First Kiss Anime
49 Anime
50 David Hasselhoff Hooked On a Feeling Musicvideos
52 Anime
53 Село і Люди It's My Life Musicvideos
54 Darude Sandstorm Anime
55 Anon 8chan Anthem Musicvideos
56 Europe The Final Countdown Musicvideos
57 Washed Out Feel It All Around Animals
60 Earth, Wind & Fire September Musicvideos