WebM how to

On this page you will find anything related to WebMs

Useful tools for creating WebMs

There is a good documentation with various ffmpeg tools on github, you should definetly check it out and pick the one you like the most!

  • List of tools and information
  • Boram by Kagami Cross Platform Gui application for cutting, cropping and converting videos into WebM format, has integrated youtube-dl option, so you can directly download from any site that is supported by youtube-dl. Definetly the best choice if you want to have it quick and easy with a nice looking result!
  • webm.py by Kagami If you are more the CLI fan like me, this is something for you, it's a very easy cli tool and basically the best fucking tool if you want to create a WebM real quick by only using your shell.

Sample lines for webm.py python webm.py -i your.mp4 your.webm will convert your mp4 into a vp9 webm with max filesize of 8MB! python webm.py -l 4 -vp8 -i your.mp4|webm yourwebmfor4chan.webm will set the maximum filesize to 4MB and convert it using the VP8 codec and vorbis audio codec.

Get a WebM directly from YouTube

There are many ways on how to download videos from YouTube but most people don't know that you can grab a WebM directly from YouTube.

The easiest and probably best way is jdownloader 2, all you need to do is copy a youtube link and jdownloader will add it to the link collector, from there you can select how jdownloader should download the video.

Please note that HD WebM is not always available, there should always be a 360p version available.

coub.com Downloader

coub.com is a great place to explore some nice videos, I made this little script that helps you to grab the videos from their site and instantly convert it to .webm

Download the script from my GitFap repo and just run it like this: bash coubdl.sh URL it will then ask you how long your video should be, it will show you the duration of just the loop and the duration of the audio file used for it.

After that you can specify the output max size by just typing in a single number like 4 and the script will convert your video to 4MB

Requirements: yotube-dl, jq, ffmpeg, ffprobe, python & webm.py

Some information about ffmpeg

If you want to learn more about FFmpeg check out FFmpeg Wiki and ffmpeg.org

ffmpeg is able to convert your .mkv and/or .mp4 files in to .webm for example and it is really easy, you just need to type in one line of commands

If your uploads fails and you see this: Erroneous File Encoding! Try reencoding it
ffmpeg -i problem.webm -map 0:0 -map 0:1 -c:v copy solved.webm (PATCHED)

There are just like in Linux many ways to convert a WebM in Windows, you can even do it from the CLI like I described above, but many Windows users don't use the CMD very often, so in this section I will explain how to make a nice WebM in Windows using a GUI program!

The best way is probably Boram by Kagami it has a very user friendly GUI and works like a charm I can definetly recommend this!

Or you can use WebMConverter by nixx, it has all the things you need but it can't download videos directly from the internet to convert them on the fly, but it will still work!