What is w0bm.com?

  • w0bm.com is a collaborative, non-profit, modern WebM Archive
  • We collect random videos from the internet.
  • It's also about having fun and sharing nice videos

Following shortcuts are available:

  • Press: R for random
  • Press: β†’, D or L for next
  • Press: ←, A or H for prev
  • Press: ↑ or W for volume up
  • Press: ↓ or S for volume down
  • Press: F for fav
  • Scroll with your mouse up and down to trigger next or prev
  • Press: C to toggle the comment section
  • Press: SPACE to pause/unpause the video

Filter settings

You can set your own custom filters by clicking on Filter and then inserting the tags you don't want to see while browsing.


anime asians Crayon Pop gay

You will see that our videos are tagged with either sfw or nsfw these labels mean in nearly 99% of the case at least for uploads tagged with nsfw that they are nsfw, but the sfw tag isn't always sfw and you shouldn't think that we really care about this, there is probably a lot of content which is not tagged as nsfw but still is nsfw.

Always take care and when you are not sure if you can browse w0bm at work, don't do it, we don't guarantee that everything is properly tagged and you will encounter something that can get you in trouble.

Comment formatting

  • >mfw w0bm is nice :3 will become: >mfw w0bm is nice :3
  • [reich]Pantsu Pantsu Pantsu[/reich] will become: Pantsu Pantsu Pantsu
  • [rb]JA GEIL SCHNITZEL MHM JA!!!![/rb] will become: JA GEIL SCHNITZEL MHM JA!!!!
  • [spoiler]f0ck you![/spoiler] will become: f0ck you!
  • *gg* or _gg_ will become: gg
  • **gg** or __gg__ will become: gg
  • ~~nope~~ will become: nope
  • `code` will become: code
  • --- will insert a line
    to seperate

If you want to answer someone, simply use ^ as often as you need to point to the comment you want to answer to.

If you want to ping someone directly in a comment use @$user


Q: w0bm is laggy for me and I don't know why.

A: It's mostly because of the background. It's very resource heavy and can cause lag on some computers, if you experience this, you should click the yellow circle on the video page to turn it off

Q: I don't know how to create WebMs

A: Check out our WebM support page and pick the solution you like the most!

Q: Can you allow mp4s to be uploaded?

A: Why do you think this website is called w0bm?

Q: I want to give you guys some feedback and maybe some suggestions, where should I go?

A: The best way to suggest something is by contacting us directly via IRC

Q: Why is Jesus Scriptus with me?

A: Because he is always with you