What do we log?

Our webserver does not log access log requests, we may log error logs from time to time if something breaks.

3rd party links

There are some 3rd party linkings on this website, be careful with clicking them we don't know whats inside the box blah blah blah, don't be stupid and don't trust the internet.

If you encounter a malicious link shared here on w0bm.com please notify an admin in the IRC

If you find a bug or a vulnerability, please notify an admin in the IRC


Yes, we use cookies and if you don't like that don't come to our site! (or don't accept them in the first place) You can see the details of the cookies in your browser.

Spoiler: They are all relevant for the website to function properly!

    The following cookies are being set by the website:

  • remember_<token> Well, it's used to remember you and so you don't have to re-login after like 5 minutes
  • style This one is used to store your style preference
  • w0bm_session Your session id