These are more or less guidelines for a friendly and peaceful together, please don't try to abuse this or push it to the limits.

  1. Content on this website is intended for adults (18+).
  2. No Comment or Tag spamming
  3. No Child porn and/or underage modeling videos/links to websites
  4. No racism
  1. The focus is on videos that are catchy and fun to watch, for example loops this does not mean these are the only videos we welcome, it's just our main focus, we have plenty of videos that are completely unrelated to loops or catchy stuff and are still fitting, ask yourself "does my upload fit on" and if yes, you're good to go!
  2. The Artist and Songtitle field is only for the Artist and Song information respectively, anything else in there probably doesn't belong in there, use the Tags.
  3. The Video Source field shouldn't be used for links, but you guys don't listen to me anyways ;_;
  1. Tags should always describe what you see in the video and maybe some additional informations
  2. No links in the Tags, use the comment section for that!
  3. Always give your video a rating like "sfw" or "nsfw" so people can filter.
  4. Comments are not welcome in the Tag section
  1. You don't have to be polite, but you also don't have to be an asshole.
  2. NSFW images should only be posted on NSFW videos.
  3. Live with different opinions, and deal with it.
  4. No scam links or links to paywall sites, no unauthorized advertisment
  • Tag reposts with the tag: repost also link the original and the repost in the comments, maybe some admin or moderator is going to care about it and deletes the repost.