1. Content on this site is intended for people over the age of 18 only! If you are under 18 you have to leave, if I will find out you are under 18 your account will be banned permanently.
  2. Leaking of private information is strictly forbidden!
  3. Do not talk about crimes you commited or will commit, we don't want to know.
  4. Do not try to sell, buy, or spread credit-card, banking etc. info anywhere on this site.
  5. Do not animate people to do crimes or anything illegal!
  6. If you upload something always try to give the artist credits by linking to the original, filling out the Artist & Songitle Information for example.
Code of Conduct
  1. No stupid racism, we think it's stupid to judge a person by the skin color or ancestry.
  2. Political Correctness doesn't exist here, we allow any opinions to be shared if they are formulated in a way everyone can understand the authors point, there is no illegal opinion and we are not the thought police, if you find something disturbing discuss it and try to understand their points and try to make them aware of your thoughts, the most important thing is that every side knows what the other side initially wants!
  1. Everything you upload must be acceptable with canadian law!
  2. Absolutely no child pornography in any way! This also includes "modeling" and 3D loli videos. 2D (hentai) is okay.
  3. Reposting is not a crime! But in most cases it can be prevented with the use of the search form.
  4. Put your uploads in the correct category, if you have a video that doesn't fit in any of the categories always put it in the Misc category
  5. The focus is on videos you can easily watch 200 times a day over and over so upload only catchy shit! For example: /39
  6. The Artist and Songtitle field is only for the Artist and Song information respectively, anything else in there probably doesn't belong in there, use the Tags.
  7. The Video Source field is not intended for YouTube Links or any other kind of link, please put only text in there. For example: YouTube and then put the YouTube link in the comments, if you fail at this too often it will probably hurt my vagina and I will scream like a 12 year old princess. Thanks! :3
  1. Tags should always describe the video.
  2. No links in the Tags, use the comment section for that!
  3. Always give your video a rating like "sfw" or "nsfw" so people can filter.
  4. Please don't tag too much shit, thanks.
  5. Comments are not welcome in the Tag section, if we catch you say goodbye.
  1. You don't have to be polite, but you also don't have to be an asshole.
  2. NSFW images should only be posted on NSFW videos.
  3. Live with different opinions, and deal with it.
  4. Fucking a mother is 2009-tier
  • Tag reposts with the tag: repost also link the original and the repost in the comments, maybe some admin or moderator is going to care about it and deletes the repost.